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Portable Moving Containers Near Me

Back in the day, renting a truck or hiring a full-service relocation group were the only few options for moving. In recent years, however, portable storage spaces have galvanized the moving industry. This fusion moving approach gives movers and packers improved flexibility at a more affordable cost than employing experienced movers. our company permits you to acquire quotes from container shipping companies across the world quickly. That way, you can find the portable moving container right for you!

Storage Units For Moving

With a repository container rental, the logistics company drops a depository container at your home or work, and you pack it with your items or enroll the assistance of movers to do the heavy lifting. Next, the business picks up the storage unit and transports it to storage or its destination. While a suitable and inexpensive option for relocating, these portable storage units are also excellent for a combination of applications including an on-site repository during a home recondition, a secure off-site hold during house building, and even a retail repository for equipment, products, and textiles.

Why You Should Consider Moving Containers

Cheap: Portable storage offers a more inexpensive recourse to employing full-service movers, particularly for long-distance hauls.

Convenient: You get the amenity to renting a moving truck without having to do the driving.

Adaptable: Move on your plan instead of being sealed into a run-of-the-mill moving date.

Seamless: Many storage shipping firms offer, ground-level receptacles with no ramps for more effortless loading and offloading.

Most Satisfactory Storage Containers And More

The use of portable moving containers has blasted over the last decade as more customers realize the comfort of this moving option. Below is our synopsis of offerings from some of the leading companies that offer this assistance to residential consumers and corporations. We work with a combination of companies to aid you in finding the most acceptable long-distance container choices, but we don’t have any traditional partnerships with any of the establishments mentioned in this write-up.


One of the most acknowledged names in the portable storage enterprise, PODS proposes on-demand, real steel storage containers for private and retail use. Whether you need a repository for items while your home is under remodeling, or you prefer to pack and load at your time for an interstate trip, PODS delivers customers adaptable and thrifty moving and storage resolutions. Arrange for delivery of your PODS box to your residence or business and pack the box on your schedule. Once it’s ready, PODS sends a trained driver to pick up the receptacle and transport it to your new space or home in one of its protected repository establishments.

PODS Container Sizes:

7′ x 7′ x 8′: Excellent for those hauling a studio or 1-bedroom apartment.

12′ x 8′ x 8′: The average container; many use this size for local moves as it backs enough space for a 2-3-bedroom home.

16′ x 8′ x 8′: The big hoss; this is the container for those relocating a 3-4-bedroom home.

Two Men And A Truck

Widely comprehended as a conventional moving company, Two Men and a Truck now provides customers the ease of on-site storage with its portable storage units. Usually, during a relocation or transition, clients need transient storage space for their items. Typically, this means packing everything up and relocating it to a self-depository facility. On the flip side, Two Men gets the storage to your front entrance. Plan delivery of your transportable unit and Two Men will drop off the container at your residence providing an on-site repository by the week or month. You can pack the box yourself or ask the help of Two Men’s capable moving crew to embark on the job.

Select Two Men franchises also present a Value Flex choice for long-distance hauling. The movers and packers consolidate your items in a repository unit, drive it to a location in your contemporary hometown, then deliver and unpack the unit at your new dwelling. While not as fast as moving with a box truck, the place promotes this prospect as a cheaper long-distance haul substitute and provides tracking on all freight, so you know when to foresee the arrival of your stuff.


Back in the day, U-Haul changed the moving industry by its lonesome. U-HAUL is known for establishing the first moving truck rentals. This finally gave customers the independence and autonomy to move at their leisure. These days, U-Haul is keeping up with the Jones by providing customers the opportunity to pack and ship their stuff with the help of their U-Box. Currently, instead of packing a U-Haul and driving it to the destination, consumers can fill a U-Box shipping receptacle, program pick-up, and let U-Haul do the hauling. You also have the opportunity to move the unit yourself, load or unload at a provincial U-Haul facility, or engineer for professional movers to do all the hauling. Unlike the heavy-duty containers delivered by many of its competitors, U-Haul’s boxes are made from wood. This helps your items become more breathable. In turn, these style of containers prevents mold or mildew.


This last one we know you have heard of. 1-800-PACK-RAT got its beginning in The Carolinas; The company has expanded over the last few decades to encompass coverage across 98% of the United States and many Canadian territories. 1-800-PACK-RAT delivers a heavy, weather-proof receptacle to your dwelling or post, you pack at your speed, then set it for pick-up. The business delivers your container to the new address, whether it’s local or interstate or you may arrange to place your container in a protected, climate-controlled repository facility. Need access to your division in storage? They can help! Give the warehouse reasonable notice, and they’ll set your unit in a safe, handy location. For a full-service hauling experience, PACK-RAT recommends employing a third-party moving company. This company also provides customers with an insurance plan worth up to nearly $80,000.

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