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Pool Table Movers Near Me

Are you in search of a trusted moving company that can efficiently and safely relocate your man cave? You’ve put too much time into your den and its amenities. We can help you move your pool table, foosball table, heavy ping pong table, and more! Our company helps you find a trusted moving company to help with relocating or hauling your precious pool table. A game table (i.e. pool table, entertainment table) can mull up to 1000 pounds. Some pool tables can weigh even more! It is paramount that you have the appropriate practicum and instruments for relocating your billiards table. Trying to relocate a heavy pool table by your lonesome or without the necessary equipment could demand severe injury or a devastating pool table. When you employ licensed pool table movers to get the gig done, you can trust our years of skills and knowledge to properly tear down, relocate, and re-up your one-of-a-kind pool table. With our aid, you can relish your lovely pool table, arcade cabinet, or pinball machine for years to come.

Finding Reasonable Pool Table Movers

Many pool tables are constructed from weighty slate blanketed with a superior wool cloth. The former panels are stiff, and inappropriate hauling could lead to uncorrectable problems. We provide proficient pool table relocating services to assure the caution of your beloved game table. Find the most satisfactory rates on game table hauls from Dallas, Texas, and long-distance moving companies via our professional services. Simply submit a few details and we will find the appropriate pool table movers near you!

The Cost of Moving a Pool Table

Moving heavy, yet delicate equipment like pinball machines and pool tables can be a costly venture. Many consumers expect to come out of pocket to the tune between $450-$700 for local pool table movers. The final cost depends on a handful of variables: the form of play texture, age of the table, make of the pool table, model of the pool table, whether the relocation demands a flight of stairs, and the mileage from its old area to the new dwelling. Most pool table movers assess an hourly rate for moving your billiards table locally. Out-of-state piano movers charge by size and mileage. With our help and a bit of information from you, we can help you locate the most cost-effective piano movers in your area.

Why You Should Hire Professional Pool Table Movers

There is a multitude of reasons why you should consider hiring professional pool table movers versus moving your game tables yourself:

  • Quick, complimentary relocation quote
  • Trusted pool table movers and insured specialists
  • Trained and conditioned to specialize in pool table moves everywhere
  • In-city or cross-country pool table moving services
  • Appropriate equipment for tearing down, payload, and re-establishing your pool table

What To Expect With Pool Table Movers

Even hauling professionals will advise you, pool tables are some of the most challenging items to get from one place to another. It yields to enlist the help of insured, professional moving crews to do the heavy lifting (pun intended) for you. Our game table movers provide the services listed below:

Do I Have To Tear Down My Pool Table Before Moving?

Most trendy pool tables are a 3-piece heavy slate that demands full tear down to move. Tearing down the pool table prior to the move encompasses, eliminating the staples from under the billiard ball pockets, withdrawing the side rails of the table, carefully isolating the felt, vacating the heavy slate piece or set of pieces, and releasing the legs. Completing each step of the full tear down with exactitude and love is vital to useful pool table function after getting settled in your new home.

More on Moving Your Pool Table

Whether you’re lugging the table to another chamber in your bungalow or moving it midway across the nation, our professional movers will guarantee the safe transport of your table. Our licensed movers carefully encase each disbanded piece with quality relocating blankets, bubble wrap, and additional cushioning textiles to ensure your pool table is protected. Next, using a heavy instrument relocating dolly, we’ll make certain each set arrives safely to the relocating truck. lastly, the pool table movers ensure the table is snug, so it doesn’t pivot and get harmed during the relocation process. This type of activity can be on the heavy side thanks to the large slate. Despite this, it’s really a stunningly quick and rather miniature move. Most of the time is spent on the decomposition and reinstallation of the pool table itself.

Reinstalling Pool Tables

Once in your new dwelling or business, our qualified movers will work diligently to offshoot and reinstall your pool table. Accurate installation requires experienced leveling performed by a pool table technician. Leveling provides that you have a balanced, invariant surface area for enjoying a game of billiards.

Pinball Machine Movers

Similar to pool tables, pinball machines are another type of gaming device that requires professional assistance. Moving a pinball table yourself can result in a damaged machine, shredded floors, torn carpets, and a sore back. We can also help you locate professional pinball machine movers in your area!

Disassembling Your Pinball Machine

Like most heavy game tables, pinball machines are one-of-a-kind and require a unique touch. Our licensed and professional movers will tear your pinball machine properly, wrap it to prevent shifting during relocation, and reassemble the machine in your new man cave or arcade!

We can also ensure your arcade cabinet classic such as Pong, Galaxa, and Space Harrier are properly encased, protected, and set up in your new dwelling!

With our assistance, it’s easy to find qualified help to move your pool table. Contact us today to request a free quote from professional pool table movers near you! Although it is always best to schedule your moves a month or two in advance, it is never too late! Request your free moving quote today with a call or a simple click of a button.