Military movers near me

Finding Military Movers Near Me

When duty beckons, we must answer the call. Serving your country is one of the grandest sacrifices a citizen can choose to devout. However, many do not consider the logistics of joining the military. This includes jobs, family, cars, and the logistics of actually relocating. We can help! Let us assist you in locating affordable military movers near you!

Military Moving Methods

You may select to correspond with a state-sanctioned move with your regional transportation office or make your appointments for a PPM. The former is an acronym for ‘personally procured move.’ Formerly, it was referred to as a ‘DITY’ move. With a personally procured move, you are refunded up to the cost of a government move, and you are allowed to select your method of relocating. This includes hiring a professional long-distance military moving firm. If you choose to arrange this style of move, please ensure you go through the demanded consultation and pre-approval procedure at your local transportation office to guarantee that you will acquire a refund for the military move. Alternatively, you can perform your consultation online with the proper channels.

Understanding Moving Entitlements

A PCS is defined as a permanent change of station. A PCS gives the servicemember orders to perpetually move to a distinct base. There are specific entitlements encompassed in a PCS when it comes to relocating your household. Some of these include:

  • Weight allocations: With a PCS, service members are provided moving and non-temporary repository weight allotments pivoting upon status and dependents.
  • Dislocation funding: While the government will not fully repay the cost of moving, the dislocation funding is set up to counteract the cost of the PCS. The amount of rebate depends on one’s position and whether the servicemember has dependents. As of 2015, the disallowance allowance ranges anywhere from $750 to $4550.
  • Travel costs: The country will pay for the travel of you and your dependents to your new headquarters. This includes a per day for food and expenses and conveyance via either your car or other means of transportation.
  • Professional Books, Papers, & Instruments Stipend: This is a 2000 lb. weight allocation for hauling any gear required for performing authorized duties. These should be thoroughly documented and weighed individually from the rest of your private belongings so they do not calculate against your family’s weight allocation.
  • Non-temporary hold: There are some circumstances in which non-temporary storage (long-term storage) is permitted. Check with your transportation office upon accepting orders.
  • Provisional Responsibility: Members are given a 10-day withdrawal that does not count against standard leave time as part of their PCS directives. This allows service members to have time to help their household relocate and find housing in their new station of duty.

Watercraft and Military Moving

Many people wonder if a boat is backed by a military move. The answer is Yes; There are a handful of options when concerning shipping your watercraft. If moved by the state, your boat cannot exceed the amount to move your ultimate weight allocation. Another wonderful option is moving the craft yourself. You may be refunded up to 96% of what it would cost for the feds to relocate it. At this rate, moving your boat yourself could save you a handful of Benjamins! Conversely, you may position a professional military mover to haul your boat and receive a rebate equal to the federal cost.

Exceeding Weight Allocations

Going overboard on weight can have a significant impact on your wallet. This could be anywhere from hundreds to thousands of dollars. Please ensure you’ve accomplished your best to trim the surplus baggage so you aren’t moving or funding unnecessary objects.

  • If you haven’t opened the box since your last relocation, it’s probably time to toss it. You don’t even know what it is nor care to use it. As soon as you find out you are being moved, start clearing out your house. Go through cabinets, wardrobes, pantries, and attics, hauling out items that have been outgrown, smashed, or ultimately forgotten.
  • Nigher to restationing day, pack a Day-1 container that you take with you. Remember, the Day-1 kit must go with you and NOT on the moving truck. This kit should house the essentials you need upon arriving at your new station.
  • Take photographs and/or tapes of your home to document your goods prior to military moving. It’s also wise to have heirlooms appraised to guarantee that you can be refunded in the event of misplacement or destruction.
  • Make sure that you are within your weight allocation so that you aren’t coming out of pocket more than you need! That means tossing all of those belongings you’ve been hoarding for quite some time.

Final Military Moving Tips:

  • Plot your military move accordingly. Do not pack things you do not need. If you don’t, it makes cost you more in the long run due to going over the weight allowance.
  • Don’t forget your Day-1 kit. Your kit will have everything you need to get started on your military duties as quickly as possible. The Day-1 container should house toiletries, clothes, and all other immediate essentials.
  • Document everything. Even if you believe it is mundane, document your and your family’s belongings. By recording your belongings and rallying up your receipts, you can sleep easy knowing your items are back and confirmed by insurance as the result of loss or damages.

Military moving can be exciting and anxious at the same time. We are here to help those who are moving to assist our country! Our network of professional military movers provides servicemembers the peace of mind of getting their (and their families) belonging to the new base safely and soundly. The best part is that many of the costs of military moving are reimbursement-friendly. We can also assist you with moving your watercraft (which is also rebated!) Let us help you make that move to a new base. Request a free quote for military movers today! Thank you for your service to our country!