Long Distance Movers Near Me

As your living conditions change, it’s time to pack up and move. While it’s certainly fun, your moving logistics can quickly spiral out of control. Every item in your home or apartment needs to be packed, carried, and transported to your new place of residence. Even if you have enough helping hands, getting around takes time and effort. Between the cost of packing materials and the cost of the truck rental, these costs add up and it’s unlikely you’ve factored in every possible contingency.

Professional moving companies specialize in moving your goods and belongings. With professional packaging and shipping services, your goods will arrive safely at their destination according to your schedule and budget. Movers can even help you sort through intricate details and anticipate danger to reduce the risk of loss. With our help, you can find reputable, cheap home repairmen to move house quickly.

Moving Services

Our moving partners offer a complete list of personalized moving services to meet your needs. Entrust your daily commute to the professionals and relax.

Moving apartments and households

Moving from a single-family home to another similar location is typical, but moving apartments presents additional challenges. With their experience in the industry, drivers are well-versed in navigating the stairs and narrow access points commonly encountered in multi-family homes.

Moving hourly

If you’ve packed and are ready to move, local or short-distance commuters can complete your move in the afternoon. Travelers come and load your stuff on a short trip through town. Hourly billing rates save money for the average customer.

Moving Long distance

Moving to a new city or state? When you hire a long-distance moving company, a heavy-duty trailer towed by a commercial truck will transport all your belongings in one trip. You can choose designated shipping or save money by choosing aggregate shipping. Either way, professional drivers backed by a national network will safely transport your goods to your new location anywhere in the country.

International Relocation

Our network of moving tools can even organize the transportation of your household goods to your international destination. Transport brokers organize the shipping of containers through transport specialists, with guaranteed overseas deliveries.

Military Moves

When armed forces personnel receive a Permanent Change of Place (PCS) order, they may also receive government-provided relocation assistance. This amount varies, but professional movers will work with your budget to help you move your belongings to your new military residence.

More on Long Distance Moving

You may not be ready to move into your new home yet. Storage solutions give you a place to keep your content organized and accessible while you’re still in the process of converting. Make sure your belongings avoid damage and loss while you work on your plan.

Full-Service Moving

With Full Service Moving, every package will be taken care of for you. Movers arrive with boxes, duct tape, blankets, and foam to pack and secure your items. They move all the furniture and equipment from your original home and install them for you in your new place. You never lift a finger

Specialty Movers

Pianos, artwork, pool tables, and rare antiques often require custom solutions. Movers create specially designed packaging solutions and move these items safely onto waiting trucks. Upon arrival, they will pack and arrange your unique furniture for you in your new home.

Automated Transportation

If your family owns several cars or even vintage cars, an automated transportation service saves you from having to drive each of your vehicles to a new location. This service is especially convenient when moving abroad. Fly straight to your new city and meet your car there.

Long Distance Movers, You Can Trust

If you’re ambitious, you may decide to handle your move on your own, but work and unforeseen expenses can quickly put them off. bear. Movers help you get where you are going faster and easier without risking damage to your valuables plus other benefits:

Fully licensed and Trusted

in your state and country level. No matter where your actions take you, our network of professionals has the experts to get you there.

Insured: protect your property with full or premium appraisal insurance.

Savings: A custom quote helps you determine the level of service you need.

Personalized Experience: The experts know how to create solutions tailored to your unique situation.

Experienced: Movers have the equipment and techniques to transport your cargo safely.

How to Avoid Long-Distance Travel Scams

Travel Scams come in many forms. These scams often occur when fraudsters engage in activities such as underestimating, taking goods hostage, or demanding cash-only payments. We know that moving is a stressful season of life and can become more complicated if you hire the wrong moving company to help you with the moving process. You may have heard horror stories about scammers who turned out to be nothing like what they claimed. This section includes all the tips you need to avoid moving scams when hiring long-distance moving companies.

The risks of using an unlicensed moving company

An unlicensed moving company has nothing to lose. Since they are not licensed, there is no government agency to ensure they meet standards intended to protect consumers. A company like this may engage in shady business practices such as taking hostages (see below) and intentionally underestimating or hiring illegal workers. If a business doesn’t care enough about its reputation to get the proper license, it’s not worthy of your business.

Risks of using an uninsured motor

Using an uninsured motor puts your belongings in complete danger of being stolen or broken, which means you will have to pay money to replace items you love. By law, moving companies must maintain a minimum level of insurance. While coverage varies by jurisdiction, this claim is intended to provide compensation if your goods are damaged during transit.

Long-haul carriers (as regulated by the FMCSA) must show customers full replacement cost insurance. While this coverage is optional, it allows you to fully replace any items damaged or broken during the move. To reduce moving costs, you can sign a waiver to opt-out of this level of coverage. The full value protection waiver leaves you with paid value protection. This minimum coverage covers damaged or broken items at $0.60 per pound. Yes, the decimal is in the right place. So for example, if this is your 70-lb. If a 60-inch flat-screen OLED curved TV breaks, your motor will be liable for less than $50.

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