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30 years ago, mounting TV was not as stylish and commonplace as it is today. These days, nearly 60 percent of American households have at least one television set mounted on their way. Many people, similar to the days of old, enjoy the ‘wireless’ look that mounted TVs provide. The space saved by mounting a TV to the wall tends to give households a modern and futuristic look simultaneously. Dependable Dallas Movers and Junk Removal is a company that can assist you in mounting your high-end Television sets safely and correctly the first time!

It’s also very affordable, with great mounting options for $100 or less. Whether you have a simple tilting wall mount or a fully articulating double-arm stand that offers a full range of motion and position, the basics of installing this hardware are pretty much the same.

Mounting a TV can be simple and swift, but it is intimidating to many. Here is what you ought to know before mounting a TV in Dallas, Texas:

What You Need to Know Before Mounting Your TV

While smaller TVs can be handled by one person, anything over 50 inches needs to be moved and lifted by two people. While the weight is manageable for one person, the size and shape of the TV make it unwieldy and care needs to be taken not to damage the screen. Attaching a broken TV takes away all the fun.

When handling the TV, you will need to take extra precautions to protect the display panel. A large sheet of glass or plastic will naturally have some flexibility, but the technology shown below often doesn’t. Even a slight bend or unwanted pressure on the panel can damage the TV beyond repair. (Again, take this from a man who has damaged several TVs over the years.)

We Understand TV Mounting Perfectly

To properly lift and transport the TV, you want to let the TV’s frame do the job of supporting the screen. Figure. Lift from the bottom of the assembly, supporting it at the sides or top corners to hold the TV upright, in the same position as in normal use. This is the ideal position for the TV as the frame bears all the weight and pressure. Try not to tilt one way or another, as the thinnest TVs can bend enough under their weight to damage the screen.

When placing the TV flat, lay it face down on a large, flat surface covered with a soft, clean blanket or carpet. Any stray objects or debris can scratch the screen or frame, so make sure it’s really clean!

You want a surface that evenly supports the entire flat front of your TV, without uneven parts that put extra pressure on certain points or cause one side of the TV to become unsupported.

Place the TV very carefully on its bottom edge and lean forward gently, lowering the TV to a soft surface, holding both the top and center corners to evenly support the TV, being careful not to create twisting or force not required on the control panel.

Choosing the Perfect TV mount for Your Home

The first thing to do is choose the right wall mount for your TV. It depends on two main factors: the stand size your TV will accept and which TV stand style will best suit your set and its room. Any pick from our list of the best TV mounts will fit most TVs. , but be sure to confirm the details of your TV and needs through the manufacturer or the accompanying manual.

Remember that hanging the TV on the wall can also place it at a different distance from the seat you already have. Ensure proper planning to place the TV at the proper distance for optimal viewing.

You will also want to unpack the stand and familiarize yourself with the product before starting any type of installation and installation project. Make sure you have the necessary screws (both for the wall and for fixing the TV) and that you understand how to attach the wall mount and TV mounting plate.

Finding the Perfect TV Position for Mounting

Once you’ve chosen the right mount for your TV, you need to pick the right spot and place it at the right height. Proper wall positioning is essential when mounting the TV on a wall, as the TV’s ability to position the TV is then quite limited, even with an articulated wall mount.

Start by finding the right wall. This will be placed in a fairly central location where the chairs in your living room or home theater will allow you to sit comfortably while watching movies and shows. Make sure the wall also has access to the necessary electrical outlets and any cable or satellite connections.

Center the TV at the correct height, with the center of the screen more or less at eye level. (This is a useful place to have a second assistant who can check comfort and angle while you and another assistant hold the TV.) You can record the desired position by marking the bottom corner. right or left side with a pencil or tape.

We Can Help You Mount Your TVs!

If mounting your TV sounds intimidating, that is because it can be for those who are DIY novices. No worries, we are here to help you! If you are searching for TV mounting professionals near the Dallas, Texas area, then you are in luck! Dependable Dallas Movers and Junk Removal can provide you with skilled and insuredTV mounting techs that will have your new 50″ curved 4K TV mounted safely and correctly the first time! No need to search for TV mounting near me; we can help! We can also assist you in locating a ‘no hanging wires’ service when mounting a TV!

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