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Dependable Dallas movers is the number one solution for Moving Services in Dallas, TX. We are Movers you can depend on and trust. We are super committed to providing exceptional Moving Services in Dallas for ALL of our customers. We thoroughly train all of our employees to guarantee that each of our customers’ belongings will be handled with the absolute care to greatly reduce the chance of damages. Moving can be stressful, but it doesn’t have to be!

You can DEPEND on us to relieve the stress for you. We are the best choice for people who need movers in Dallas-Ft. Worth, we guarantee your move will be made easy. In Dallas Fort Worth there are several moving companies. The metroplex is booming and growing at a rapid rate that’s to say there is an influx of residents living in and moving throughout the DFW metroplex.  Consequently understanding this we know that it is imperative for us to go above and beyond to make the move and experience pleasant for our customers.

Whether you need pick up and delivery service, a small load move, an entire apartment, or a house we are capable. Therefore we can handle stairs and long carry with ease is it is a piece of cake for us. As the Dallas movers you can depend on and trust you can rest assure that we know how to do any and everything that you need pertaining to your move. In other words, we are equipped and willing to do the hard work and lift the heavy items for you. We take great pride in it, we look forward to the opportunity to serve you and be, the Dallas Movers you can always depend on and trust.



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Being Dallas movers is a challenge, because the DFW metroplex is such a vast area. There is a lot of ground to cover. Consequently choosing  an area of the metroplex to move in can be tough, and picking the right movers in Dallas can be even tougher. However, you should look no further, because we are here to take care of you. We can move your home, apartment, townhouse, storage unit, condo, nursing home, dorm room and anything in between! We will provide moving blankets, shrink wrap, tape and furniture rubber bands to protect your furniture. In other words we have all the equipment like two wheel dollies, and four wheel dollies that make your move super easy for us.

We offer a simple hourly or flat rate pricing with NO HIDDEN FEES! When you hire Dependable Dallas Movers, you won’t be charged surprise hidden fees at the end of your move. You will be glad you contacted Dependable Dallas movers for your moving needs. That’s to say we are committed to being fair trustworthy and dependable with our customers. Therefore it would be against our better judgment to have hidden fees. Above all our company is dedicated to delivering the best moving experience for our customers dependable Dallas movers goes above and beyond to execute residential moves with precision and efficiency.

Leave the heavy lifting to us, relax and don’t worry. We take great pride in the service we provide we are committed to being dependable and trustworthy and executing at the highest level.

Professional Dallas movers moving a credenza


Do you have an office in Dallas-Ft. Worth? Are you looking to upgrade or maybe downsize? We can help! We can move an entire office, half of an office or just a few pieces of office furniture. We have the man power and equipment to handle large size pieces of office furniture. Unlike other moving companies in Dallas Dependable Dallas movers has an extensive background in handling office furniture. We have experience moving executive  desk, file cabinets, credenzas, and all other office furniture.

That’s to say, moving executive Desk, break room tables, conference room tables, or anything of the sort is easy breezy for us. We have specialized equipment like risers for our four wheel dollies to assist us in getting out that big bulky furniture. We understand that moving your office should have the same level of care and concern as if we were moving your household goods. Moving office furniture can be tricky, meticulous, and it requires a certain level of skill. Many moving companies are in Dallas or one dimensional. In other words they are not well-versed in dealing with office furniture, add dependable Dallas movers we are seasoned and experienced in the many facets of moving.

Commercial moving services are similar to residential but they are a little bit different because of their tedious nature, and the weight of the furniture. Dealing with office furniture requires a certain level of strength and manpower that many moving companies cannot provide. You want to select a moving company that you can depend on, and trust for your office furniture move. To clarify dependable Dallas movers he is the company you can depend on and trust!

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Our company understands moving can be daunting, and one of the most stressful parts of the moving process is packing. As a professional moving company in Dallas-Ft. Worth, Depndable Dallas movers will help you professionally pack, organize, and protect your items for your move. We sell packing supplies such as boxes, packing paper, tape and mattress bags!

The main objective for us is to transport your belongings safely from point a to point B. The moving of your valuable possessions is our highest priority. However in order to do that effectively efficiently and safely packing the home properly is essential. Selecting the right size boxes and the right kinds of boxes plays an important part in packing a home efficiently. We have seen a lot of moving scenarios because we are an experience moving company. That’s to say some customers do not take enough pride in getting their belongings packed properly. That’s to say some customers do not take enough pride in getting their belongings packed properly.

Consequently, they experienced some disappointment because of the way their belongings were packed. You don’t want to be a person who cuts corners and just tosses your belongings into random boxes, and bags. You don’t want to put your dishes, cutlery, and nice decor, in a box any old way. You want to pack and protect your possessions so they can make it to your new home safely without damage.

Two-man crew carrying a dresser into a home.

Labor Only

There are many facets of moving. Sometimes you don’t need a full service job, sometimes you just need help with the large pieces sometimes you just need help with loading or unloading. Sometimes you need something as simple as bringing a big piece of furniture inside of your home. We understand this. Our physically skilled moving professionals can load, or unload your rental truck, storage pod, or trailer. We can also provide on property moving or rearranging of furniture around in your house, such as taking furniture from downstairs to upstairs, or vice versa, or from the house to the garage, outdoor shed, or attic, etc.

We can take care of any of your moving needs in the Dallas-Ft.Worth Metroplex. When it comes to labor only service we take the same careful approach as we would with a full service move. We believe that the way you do anything is the way you do all things. Labor only services are no different than full service moving for us.

Unlike other labor only companies like U-Haul moving help our company has trained moving professionals who are committed to taking care of your belongings laborers on U-Haul MovingHelp are typically just trying to make a quick buck they are not committed or concerned with the quality of the service they provide or the safety of your belongings. On the other hand when you choose dependable Dallas movers to handle your labor only moving task you can know for sure that you are dealing with a company you can trust.

Moving truck loaded by Dallas movers

Interstate Moves

Are you moving out of the Dallas-Ft. Worth Metroplex? We hate to see you go,  but if you must, we can move you and your family to your new home in another state or even in another city in the great state of Texas. Getting a new opportunity in another state is excellent, but the moving process can be alot to deal with. We can simplify the moving process and make it one less thing you have to worry about. You can depend on us to make your interstate move smooth and easy! We offer competitively reasonable rates for our interstate moves.

I like big van lines companies who just throw your stuff on a trailer with other peoples stuff we offer a more personal touch, a more personal approach because moving is a personal service. Above all we want to transport your personal belongings safely without damage. We are More capable of doing that then a large van line because your belongings will only be on our truck by themselves, opposed to being on a trailer with many other customers furniture. When dealing with a large van line you take the risk of your belongings being lost, not knowing when your belongings will arrive exactly, and dealing with untrained day laborers.

Therefore choosing us to do your interstate move would alleviate a lot of stress for you, you would know your point of contact directly, and  you would know your crew from start to finish. This will give you peace of mind, because you know who to contact to track your valuable possessions, and you can get an eta with certainty. Interstate moving can be tricky but when you choose dependable Dallas movers it can be easy.

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