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How To Find Car Movers Near Me

Whether you recently purchased that one-of-a-kind fairytale vehicle you’ve been earmarking for or you’re relocating your entire dwelling across the nation, moving your car versus driving it to its new driveway can save you time and coins simultaneously. Our business pairs customers like you with the top car movers in the vehicle shipping industry in one place. By providing some mundane information regarding your vehicle, such as the year, make of the vehicle, and model of the car, along with the source location and landing city of your cargo. Within nearly seconds, you’ll begin acquiring competitive proposals from some of the nation’s most prestigious car transport companies. Pick the car mover that suits best you, your family, your business, etc., and get your vehicle moved without the annoyance or aggravation of moving your car yourself. If you are inquisitive about engaging with auto carrier transport, there’s a slew to contemplate. We can help you with locating car movers in Dallas, Texas (as well as across the nation!)

How Much Does It Cost To Ship A Car?


Get an Automobile Moving Quote

The routine car transport costs are somewhere in the ballpark of $475 to $1,100. A recently published Consumer Affairs report helps utilize studies from nearly 10,000 companies in an attempt to estimate the moderate cost of shipping your car from one coast (i.e. California to Washington, D.C.) Per the Consumer Affairs study, a small four-door sedan prices in the range of $580-$1,050 to move, while the intermediate small van, pick-up, or sport utility vehicle will price in the range of $775-$1,100 to move.

When searching to move your car from one state to another, or even the aforementioned coast-to-coast, more factors wedge into your final quote for car moving.

Vehicle Weight

For beginners, how much does your car weigh? Most individuals do not know the answer to that question. Most cars and four-door midsize sedans weigh approximately 2 tons. Naturally, the weight of the vehicles varies from make, model, year, and other factors.

Vehicle Dimensions

The dimensions of your vehicle will affect your quote because these will resolve how many other cars will safely tow in every payload. If your car is more succinct than the average automobile, it permits more space for other automobiles. On the flip side, more elevated or more protracted cars will demand unique lodgings that come with a more heightened quote.

Area And Terminus

Your pickup and terminus will also determine to price simultaneously. Terminus refers to the final destination of the car move. The more secluded an area is, the more costly moving your car will be.


High demand can cause the price of your car moving quote to bloat. Many consumers like you move during the heated months, which suggests demand for car shipping peaks from July to September. It may behoove you to ship your automobile outside of the typical peak schedule. During this time, rates for automobile shipping in Dallas, TX will be lower. When arranging a relocation, attempt to give as much time and notice as you can. Most customers like to relocate around the same seasons, so malleability on days could be a huge cost-saving, and time-saving, benchmark.

Form Of Transport

Does your motorcar demand gated or open carrier conveyance? The conveyance choice you select for your car will affect your final quote for car moving. Owners of exotic, foreign cars like Lamborghinis, BMWs, Mercedes, or Tesla will require enclosed transport. Collector vehicles such as Chevelles, Stingrays, Firebirds, and even Model-T Fords (if you have one somehow) require enclosed trailer transportation. Naturally, enclosed transport protects these foreign or unique automobiles from weather, road debris, and more.

Drop-off Time

The enterprise standard for auto carrier systems is approximately 500 miles per business day. To drop off your car on a compressed timeline, car shipping businesses will quote you at a higher rate. Mundane car delivery can take 14 days. In some cases, it takes even longer.

With these options in mind, do your part and ensure you have thoroughly studied all possibilities before devoting yourself to a contract. When you think about the time and liveliness saved, the rate for your car moving may be worth it.

Shipping a Car Across the Country

Getting your car moved from one side of the country to another is not a task for the faint of heart. However, it must be done when you relocate to bigger and better things. Here are our biggest tips for shipping your car across the country:

Form A Budget and Itinerary First

If you’re shipping your car due to you transferring to a new city, ensure that you factor the price of auto transport into your final moving budget. Another thing to keep at the forefront of your brain is reimbursement. If you are relocating to a new city for work, your job may cover your auto shipping fees. There is also a case that the government will assist you in auto shipping rates if you are relocating to the city on military orders. Be sure to confer with your supervisor or commanding officer regarding car shipping reimbursement.

Think Numbers

When considering your car shipping allocation, be sure to evaluate how much it would command you to drive your car to its new home. For instance, the IRS has a common mileage reimbursement of nearly 52 cents per mile. That number is based on data that show the normal amount of fixed and erratic prices it takes to utilize a car for every mile that automobile is driven. When finalizing this number, the IRS calculates costs like devaluation, unrestricted maintenance, gas, and rehabilitation. If you use this mile rate to correspond to the amount of gas expense alongside wear and tear from driving your vehicle across the nation, then you will be left with a solid final cost to work around.

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